Football Kit Quiz

Football Kit Quiz
Jesse Lingard's 'JLingz' sign while wearing the West Ham United football shirt

Test your knowledge of the Premier League with this football kit quiz – answer the 10 questions and see how many you can get correct!

  1. Which sportswear brand manufactures the most Premier League kits in season 2020/2021 – Puma, Adidas or Nike?
  2. Which radio station sponsored the shirt of Queens Park Rangers in season 1992/1993 – Classic FM, Radio 1 or Capital FM?
  3. Which team that went the entire Premier League season 2003/2004 unbeaten did O2 sponsor? Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal?
  4. Which sportswear brand manufactured the Manchester United shirt in the treble-winning season of 1998/1999? Umbro, Adidas or Diadora?
  5. Which one of the following seven beverage companies did not sponsor a Premier League kit in 1994/1995 season – Holsten, Labatt’s, Foster’s, McEwan’s Lager, Carlsberg, Coors?
  6. Which team’s kit did Reebok both manufacture and sponsor in Premier League season 2001/2002 – Charlton Athletic, Middlesbrough or Bolton Wanderers?
  7. Who were the only team to start the inaugural season of the Premier League, 1992/1993, without a short sponsor – Ipswich Town, Wimbledon or Blackburn Rovers?
  8. Which London club was the first to have their Premier League shirt sponsored by a betting company – Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace or Fulham?
  9. Name Leicester City‘s kit manufacturer and shirt sponsor in their Premier League title winning season of 2015/2016 – King Power and Puma, Visit Thailand and Nike or Walker’s Crisps and Adidas?
  10. Do you know what Leeds United‘s 2020/201 Premier League Sponsor – SBOTOP – stands for?


  1. Adidas, 2. Classic FM, 3. Arsenal, 4. Umbro, 5. Foster’s, 6. Bolton Wanderers, 7. Wimbledon, 8. Fulham, 9. King Power and Puma, 10. Sports betting operator Celton Manx